In this article, I will talk about three exercises chest that I have worked to develop good pecsThe Bench Press, Press incline bench, crossing Pie with pulleys.

The Bench Press:

No doubt the bench press is one of the most famous and complete exercises as not only work the chest but also the triceps and shoulders.

The technique bench press is very simple:

  • Lying on a flat bench, buttocks in contact with the bench and feet on the ground.
  • Take the bar, hands in pronation and separated over a greater length than the width of the shoulders.
  • Inhale and lower the bar to the chest, controlling the movement. (very careful bounce the bar on the chest, this should not be done)
  • Develop expiring at the end of the effort.

Tips to improve on the press bench:

  • Set foot on the ground (good technique requires strengthening the legs while still sitting on the bench and keep them in that position throughout the movement)
  • Support the body on the bench as if we were glued to it. (One of the most common mistakes you see in gyms and in some youtube videos, is that people arching her back, this can eventually cause injury)
  • Hold your breath for the press. (If you breathe out, the diaphragm relaxes, like the ribcage, and decrease the production capacity of force). Expired while the bar is up and Inspired before starting the next repetition.
  • Using a secure grip (always surround the bar with your thumbs)
  • Control bar (do not bounce or swing it)
  • Firearms should always be in an upright (vertical have forearms will also help to describe a perfect line with the bar. 
    Do not stretch completely by raising the weight that is one of the leading causes of elbow injuries)
  • Is recommended to do it with a partner, so you Heche an eye with the bar or upload help you if you stay.

Incline bench press:

This is another excellent exercise for chest, he works mainly pectoral major, anterior deltoid, the triceps, the serratus, and pectoralis minor.

Technique incline bench press:

  • Lying on incline bench 45-60 °. Sepharad legs slightly resting your feet on the ground. Hips, shoulders and head should sit on the bench.
  • Take the bar with your palms facing up greater than the opening width of the shoulders.
  • Inhale and lower the bar to the neck.
  • Take air and repeat the exercise (prevents rebound)
  • Raise the bar avoiding hyperextension of the arms with controlled movement.

Tips to improve on the incline press:

  • Elevate your feet to avoid straining tension on the back area. Typically, the bank has a bar to rest your feet.
  • Most important in this exercise (as in all sectors) is to avoid as far as possible the cooperation of the shoulders and triceps. For this to ward off the weight of the body, we will raise the sternum and chest, leaving your shoulders back.
  • It is an exercise in chest excellent especially if you fail the top of the chest. Try to between 6 and 10 repetitions.
  • If you want to improve your press inclined you must also work the deltoids.

Pie with sheaves crossing:

This excellent exercise allows, in long or short series, get a real muscular congestion by varying the inclination of the bust and angle work arms, i.e., placing the higher or lower arms can request all the beams from the pectoral greater.

Technique crossing with pulleys:

  • Grab with each hand manual pulley from an upper pulley.
  • Standing straight, hands at your sides and palms facing down.
  • With separated by a distance that is comfortable feet, lean slightly forward and begins pulling-handle until hands are right in front of the thighs.
  • Squeezes the chest in the final position and slowly return to the starting point.

Tips for improving technique in the crossing of pulleys:

  • You can vary the height of the pulleys.
  • Be sure to keep your palms facing each other and elbows slightly bent throughout the exercise.
  • In this activity remains a contraction in the chest during the entire exercise, but an excellent stretch is also achieved at the starting point and a very sharp contraction in the final position.
  • If we take the use below, the greater the effect for all areas of the muscle group, so we can kneel down to do the same.
  • If not done with the proper technique and is done excessively you can injure the shoulder. (Personally, I think this point is critical to prevent injuries, always begins with light weight until you master the art)

Reps for these 3 exercises chest:

Resistance Muscular: should be made about 20-30 repetitions.
For muscle growth: should be performed 6-10 repetitions.
For the Force: 1-6 repetitions is recommended with the maximum weight you can handle.


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