Training bad habits are hard to break especially if you are not aware of them. Of course, you can not always result in injuries you but certainly these errors can make movements less effective . Particularly I see the same mistakes all the time with the crossing with pulleys, a type of very simple exercise to train the chest.
Be honest: Are you guilty of any of these three most frequent errors with the crossing with pulleys? If so, do not worry because I am going to provide a remedy for each of them so you can be aware of what you need do the next time you perform this exercise with cable for training your chest.

1. Opening / closing arms

All movements you do in the chest exercises have one thing in common: The elbows should be fixed in a slightly inclined position throughout the exercise movement. Note that the degree of bending at the elbows does not vary the opening and closing during the repetition, it must remain in the same position during movement of the exercise, resulting in a great movement in an arc as if you were embracing a barrel or tree.
One of the major mistakes we make when training the chest with openings is keeping too stiff arms, because this way we think that work is much more intense and focused more on the chest, when it is not. What happens when we have arms stretched when performing chest openings is that divert much of the tension that should focus on chest biceps, which will be those who endure the whole thrust of the exercise. To avoid this, we have to do is bend the arms slightly at the elbows to concentrate so much on the chest.
Solution: Go lighter weight and rehearses the movement with the pec-deck machine with your arms fixed in a slightly inclined position and do the exercise from this point.

2. You keep your feet together

Make crossings is particularly challenging when your feet are together because you are not well positioned to absorb changes in your center of gravity. This additional level of difficulty leads some people to believe they are better off making a move but is not.
The crosses are to train the chest not for the whole body. Anything that makes the movement more difficult especially when it comes to balance going to the detriment of your ability to perform quality repetitions and become muscle contraction.
Solution: Stagger your posture with legs slightly apart so you can feel in a stable position and can focus on what is happening with your chest.

3. Do not use various angles to do the exercise

One of the significant aspects of the crossover cable is that it is not fixed in one position on the pulley. By moving the pulleys to any position from largest to smallest and change the angle of the tilt angle of the torso we will be working different beams of the breastplate. At the top will favor lower chest, while crosses from a bottom favor the upper chest. Make repetitions from the middle work the central part
Solution: Mix it up! Several angles between several high points, low points and finally in the middle.


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